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Harvest MXD is a strategic real estate company focused on retail & mixed-use investments, development, and advisory.  Our diverse experience encompasses over $6.2 billion of retail, multifamily, transit-oriented, and mixed-use properties.

Strategic Real Estate Advisory.

Harvest MXD specializes in providing strategic real estate solutions in select urban and suburban submarkets.  We have a proven track record of executing on some of the most complex real estate transactions in the industry.  Each solution is tailored to meet the goals and objectives of our valued clients.

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Synergistic Value Investing.

Mixed-Use synergies drive rent premiums and greater stability for real estate investments and communities.  We believe that scarcity of well orchestrated retail & mixed-use projects within walkable neighborhoods lead to higher demand and values over time.

Our projects redefine the urban and suburban landscape.

Real estate markets are always changing, from capital markets volatility to evolving technology, emerging demographic trends, and shifts in consumer psychology. Our depth of experience in design, development, investments, and advisory among various property types gives us a unique perspective.

Our Portfolio

Our Approach

Specialization in single-use property types has led to myopic viewpoints and inefficient, one-dimensional environments. The byproduct is social decline and a diminishing quality of life. We look at real estate holistically, introducing synergistic product types and uses that lead to increased investment value by fostering community.

Our Multi-Dimensional Lens

We approach every project with the community in mind and then substantiate our investment thesis with intense research and data-driven analysis. We filter our investment strategies by seeking voids and opportunities that will lead to stronger communities and elevate quality of life.

Over $6.2 billion in retail & mixed-use investments, development and advisory representing:

  • 7,965

    multifamily units

  • 1.7 Million

    net rentable square feet (NRSF) of office

  • 20 Million

    square feet of retail GLA

  • 3,320

    single-family lots

  • 1,524

    acres of land

  • $1.8 Billion

    investment sales transaction value

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